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iPhone Prices in Saudi

Yeah, I know this a Symbian forum before I get shot down in flames....

Anyway, like a few others, did toy with the idea of an iPhone, so just thought I'd let you know how much it goes for out here in Saudi.

Its just hit the shops, and went to an official Apple re-seller ( premium prices ) , but Apple tend to regulate its prices anyway.

Bear in mind these phones are factory UNLOCKED out here, so will work with any sim. Not like the UK where they are locked to O2.

Ok, 16gb is around 4,500 saudi riyals ( approx 737 )

( I paid 3200 SR for my N97 sim free handset - about 525 ) .

32gb is around 5800 SR ( 950 )

I think my interest in the iPhone has suddenly waned.... Just bought a Macbook Pro 13" laptop ( gorgeous it is too ) in the UK for the price of an 16gb iPhone.
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