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I would also just like to agree with the post about the Orbit 2, I also owned an N95 8gb, only changed it because I get bored with handsets very quickly, but I have had the Orbit 2 for a few months now and I rate this phone highly, I have it running google maps, tomtom 6 and co-pilot is installed and they all work perfectly with the built in A-Gps.

I think it's worth a mention that the iphone does not support bluetooth stereo headphones either.

Something I do use, I do think the iphone is a nice piece of kit, but is not deserving of all the praise it gets or the price they charge. I am looking at getting the new Nokia E71, and all the reviews knock it for only having a 3mp camera, yet the same sites rave about the iphone. Thats double standards in my books.

And as far as media players go, the XDA has a version of one of the longest running, windows media player.