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Angry What are you lot talking about?

The iPhone as a leap forward in technology? Hah. Why are you wasting time and bandwidth comparing iPhones to N95's when you should be comparing iPhones to XDA Orbit 2's (HTC Touch Cruise). The iPhone is pathetic up against the raw power of the XDA. The iphone doesnt support MMS - what moron was responsible for that? The iphone has a 'GPS'? No, it doesnt. It uses the local tower to determine position. Try using Co-Pilot on the XDA, you even get voice directions, something that the iPhone doesnt (what, something else the iphone doesnt do? No!) You are locked into an 02 contract (or AT&T), you cannot change it. If you dare to jailbreak the iPhone for use elsewhere and with 3rd party apps that make the iphone just about useable, you invalidate your warranty. That's right. If it breaks mechanically and you were stupid enough to have changed a single thing from the factory settings, they wash their hands of you - no fix mate, tough luck.

Revolutionary touch screen, so what! Lots of HTC's have touch screens which work better than an iPhone. You can sync it with iTunes? Why would you want to? It means that Apple know everything about you and your habbits. Get a free ripper and play the MP3's in the format that you want. By the way, the HTC/XDA supports up to 32gb flash drives. Knocks the iPhone into a cocked hat dont you think!

You can watch movies, yeah? So what. XDA does it too.

Did I mention that the XDA is a PDA too? The iPhone barely handles a contact list without looking stupid.

So, in summary. The N95 is a nice phone (I had one), dont get me wrong. It does all sorts of neat stuff but if you are going to compare phones, at least try to pick like for like. The N95 is in no way comparable since it doesnt work roughly like the iPhone does. However, the XDA Orbit 2 is and in my opinion is a much more worthy opponent.

May I also point out that whilst the geeks and freaks of the world who should know better are queueing up in the cold night to hand over the best part of $700 a year to Apple, they should consider that they can get a phone that does everything an iPhone does, only better, for about $300 from ebay and best of all, they dont have to use AT&T or O2. I challenge anyone to name one single thing the iPhone does that the Orbit 2 doesnt in real terms (other than sync with iTunes)