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Some very good features in V2.5

I like V2.5. The reflow feature for me is the most useful. It allows one to read a long and wide text with extreme ease without loss of all of the formating. I find it opens my documents quickly.

The problem is that it appears to have no method of saving your settings or for using shortcut keys, so when I open a new document I have to cycle 3 time through the menus: 1 to enter reflow mode, 2 to achieve the correct zoom level, and 3 to enter full screen view. I keep hoping I may be wrong about this lack but since there is no manual and I have tried just about every shortcut combination I can to no avail I have to conclude that there is no provision for shortcut keys nor, which would also solve my difficulty, the ability to save your settings.

All I can hope for is a V2.6 or something like that that will give me atleast one of these features.

Discovery: On my E61i if you are in a document and you push the central button you enter zoom mode: The up and down zoom in and out, a second press of the central button sets the zoom level (only for that session).

Another quibble: The only way I can find to advance in a document is line by line with the down button. This is slow and tedious and causes a series of "beeps" which will always cause heads to turn and look at you. (you could go to silent mode but this would add another set of actions before yo get to do what the program is made for; to read.