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Red face UNSIGNED APPS!!! am in pain ppl....

hey evyone jst got my n95 this week....evything worked i even updated the FW nd didnt chnge daa product code...nd NO bugs were found, the ones which were discussed in other threads!!!!!! nyway am pretty happy wid da phone
i have a problem signing up apps specially ROUTE 66....i know the procedure...but the problem is dat when i go to symbiansigned nd request my .cer says
"Your request has failed. Reason:
Your are not enabled to request DevCerts. Please contact the system administrator."

wt* is dat??? seriously its drivin me nuts..... can nyone help me out here????

the other problem is with the route 66 maps..i.e IF i got it installed lool....i was lookin from where can i get maps for the middle east AND northern AFRICA.....

ny help wld be appreciated