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P900 searching for network HELP!!!!!!

I recently got a p900 (Orange, France) from a friend and got it unlocked so I could use my T-mobile (US) SIM. Everything worked fine until I did a Flash update from SE website. Everything ran fine NO errors but now the phone only searches for network, it will never connect. I did the update a few more times just incase. The funny thing is I get my Voice mail notification right after I turn on the phone but that it.

If I put in a T-mobile SIM and go to GSM networks I see that the preferred list is populated with T-mobile networks. If I put a cingular SIM I see the preferred list populated with cingular networks but still nothing connect the phone just says "searching" for ever.

If I go into the service menu (up*downdown*down*) All the phone locks show 5, Does this mean it's unlocked?
I am in good 1900mhz coverage.

Help what is wrong?