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Symbian and MeeGo Could Have Co-Existed

Symbian and MeeGo Could Have Co-Existed,
Looking Into What Was Once, A Promising Possibility

SymAdmin, 24th September 2013

We generally hear about two ways forward for nokia during early 2011, under the reign of Stephen Elop. One to go forwad with MeeGo and the other to adopt Windows Phone OS. Symbian was considered to be a less capable OS mainly due to its non-compliance with Multi-Core architecture, if at all other issues had been solved. By choosing to adopt Windows Phone OS and to produce only WP smartphones, Nokia had actually taken up two distinct challenges. One for Nokia to regain the lost position in the smartphone manufacturing department, competing Apple and Samsung, and two, for Windows Phone to gain some popularity for the first time in the smartphone OS department, competing iOS and Android. The second seemed to be more difficult to acheive, but was however achieved partially through hardwork by Nokia. It was Nokia's phone built quality and an award winning N9 like design that made the Lumia series as succesfull as it is today. It was never the success of the Windows Phone OS and after all, if it has manged to succeed a bit, it was only a side effect of people showing belief in Nokia.

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