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WhatsApp drains battery; what to do?

I have set up WhatsApp for our sales team in group chat mode. Seems really cool and intuitive. Unfortunately the apps seems to dislike Nokia phones (tested on E71 and we also have a E72 which I have yet to test). It establishes a resident 3G connection to stay on-line all the time but the battery runs down really fast, about 2-3 times faster than normal.

We plan on phasing out the Nokia phones in the future but in the meantime can anyone offer a solution along the lines of:

1. A way to use WhatsApp on Windows 7 desktop.
2. A way to receive WhatsApp messages in the form of SMS or Email, even if the user is unable to reply to the group.
3. A way to connect with WhatsApp through a programmable API and fetch messages on my own.
4. A way to configure WhatsApp to poll for new messages at intervals (even 10-15 minutes apart) rather than sit on the 3G line all the time.
5. Alternative app with similar ease of use and group chat capability.