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A couple of Quick Qs

I just got this phone yesterday, and part of me loves i and there is another part that is disappointted with thingss missing that are normally signiture for all Nokia models. But I understand that this is a different approach compaired to most of their phones, so here are the things I have noticed in the past few hours that I would like help with (if possible)...

The Auto key lock feature has already been mentioned on here but If anyone has futher advice on how to fix this let me know.
It is rather annoying when someone calls you and you slide the phone closed and
the keys are no longer locked.

I travel often and have about 5-9 different SIM cards, I dont always want all those contacts saved on the phone, I understand I can still use them without loading them on the phone, but it is not as easy to use, and calls from these numbers will still show up only as numbers and not names, unless you move them into the phone's memory. Is there a possible solution to this or a way of the phone reading directly off the sims memory?

Also as trival as it sounds Smiley faces are a good thing. And so simple. Why were they removed. Sometimes it is easier to respond to a SMS with just a smile, I dont know why this function is not there. If anyone knows of a place to load them please post it...

Text Messaging seems more difficult, before I had the Nokia 7370 and the sms was so easy. I had a recent contact list that I could go right into, So far I have had to go into my full contact list everytime and fish out the number I want and If that number on my SIM and not loaded into the phones memory it is even more difficult.
I Will add that the wifi and web functions on this phone are truely remarkable though and I have been very impressed. I am just a little disappointed that the ease of use Nokia is known for is getting harder and more complicated. For the most part it is still very easy to use but functions that use to be a one button tap have turned into 3-5 buttons, and for no real reason.