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Prince Charles
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Unhappy P990 Review - DO NOT BUY

I upgraded from the P910i....

I have used this phone for about two months now and have got to say it is absolutely terrible.

There are so many bad things.....I will list just a few of them.

Okay, how about this for a gem: The clock on the phone loses a few minutes every week!! Yes - I couldn't believe it! Right now I'm looking at it and it's lost 3 minutes since I corrected it two days ago!!

Response time is slow: Every feature you seem to select seems to take an age to load. Even on start up the phone takes over 60 seconds to load. Now you might not think this so important as you'll probably very rarely have to switch it off - WRONG! The software is unstable which means you'll be switching it off - no actually that's not correct - You'll be opening the battery compartment, removing the battery and replacing it and closing the compartment in order to reset the phone! Because sometimes the 'off' button does not respond!

SMS: Everything seems to have multiple layers in order to get to the relevant application. Take SMS's;
1) You open the Flip
2) You scroll down to the SMS icon
3) You press the button to select it
4) You press again to select whether you want to 'write' or 'read' an sms
5) So you select 'write' and another menu comes up you scroll down and press the button to select 'create' an sms
6) Yet another menu appears to ask 'sms' or 'mms' or 'email'
7) Finally, now you can begin!
The whole thing is made worse because the response is slow

Synchronizing with Outlook and the upgrade service:

DO NOT UPGRADE BEFORE YOU HAVE MADE A BACKUP! The upgrade service gives you no notice if you re-install the software and wipes everything back to factory settings. Beforehand I was 'fortunate' enough to synchronise with my laptop/outlook etc. but for some unknown reason some of the numbers have gotten the prefix chopped off! Or even worse have dissapeared completely! You can imagine how much fun putting back that stuff is.

There are just so many bad things I could write I would be here for another hour putting everything down. The functionality of the Calendar should be a lot better and the car setting for the Hands Free does not work as it should.

Personally, I think the main problems are two fold;
1) The phone has insufficient memory
2) The software is very poor.

Whilst Microsoft is no angel and I've only used their PDA software - What I've seen of it suggests it is leaps and bounds ahead of Symbian, in functionality and not surprisingly, in synchronisation.

I'm probably going to get rid of mine and will look at phones like:
HTC P3600