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On the Dropbox front: I'm using WiDropbox, which at least has the advantage of working

I'm actually more interested in the fact that, due to WebDAV not working (for me at least), I don't currently have any way to access the files on my Synology NAS box. At least Synology offers plenty of connectivity options, so the problem isn't on that side of things:
  • WebDAV - see above;
  • FTP - no FTP client for S^3 that I know of
  • NFS (UNIX network file system) - as with FTP
  • AFP (Mac native network file system) - as with FTP and NFS
  • SCP (Secure SHell-based secure file transfer) - as with (oh, you get the idea - not sure the Synology's SSH implementation includes SCP anyway)
  • SMB (Windows file-sharing) - "MyExplorer" in the Ovi Store would allow me to access SMB shares, but I'd have to cough up 3 (cheapskate )
So, unless WebDAV on my N8 somehow gets fixed, looks like I'll have to "stump up" for MyExplorer - has anyone else tried it?

Many thanks