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Is WebDAV on the N8 broken?

A few months ago, I read about how to access Dropbox on my N8 via the DropDAV service (basically, a third-party Dropbox-WebDAV gateway).

At the time, I found I was able to log onto my Dropbox account this way. However, I tried connecting to it this week on my N8 (first time for a while via this route), and noticed it doesn't appear to work with my N8 any more. Although the N8 appears to connect to the server, it can't display any folders or files once the "Connecting..." dialogue box disappears, showing the message "(not connected)".

I've been trying to access other WebDAV shares which are definitely accessible (e.g. my Synology NAS box), and get the same result. I am as sure as I can be, that it's not a problem with each share's settings, on either the server or the N8.

A Google around, seems to indicate that the last big firmware update (PR1.1) may have broken (or otherwise negatively affected) the N8's WebDAV functionality. Has anyone else noticed this, and/or come up with a solution?

It wouldn't be the end of the world if I can't make use of WebDAV on my N8 for a time, but I feel it would be a shame, simply because it was one more useful feature on the N8 among many. I'll see if I can replicate the problem on my wife's C7, and hopefully that will shed further light on things.

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