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Hi everyone who's on the upperhand about phones. First time joining the forum community... Nice to meet you all!

There are some questions i would like to address about the new release OS V 9.1. Had reviewed the excellent link provided by Rafe
Here's the link:
but more questions popped out in my head... It's about the backward compabilities of the S60 series phones.
Other than OS V.9.1, can the older OS version like OS V8.0a, OS V7.1 be backward compatiable to softwares and games designed for their predessors such as the N-GageQD OS V.6.1?

I'm not too sure about the compatibility issues when it comes to selecting softwares and games to be installed on my 6680 phone. As some of the official website (some, otherwise, not specific enough) failed to provide more detailed info about their products' compatibilities to different phones...

Thanks for any attention given.