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Hi guys, this is the first time in my life i post a message that is an answer rather than a question, that makes me very proud

The phone can play stereo sound as it does with the original headset, but the pins act differently regarding the headset you plug, a standard mono headset with mic or a stereo headset with mic. The phone can check the type of headset and rearrange the pins to accomplish the model you plugged. The goal is to let it believe you are plugging a stereo headset with mic, while you are plugging just a stereo headphone, otherwise it would recoginze the stereo headphone as a mono headset with mic. letting you hear just one channel.

To build your adapter you just need a stereo 3.5 socket and a 1k ohm resistor, that the phone will see as the mic allowing you to listen a stereo sound.
See the attached images to check out the pinouts. The first image represents the motorola 2.5 jack, while the second one is the connection diagram, on the left you have the motorola jack and on the right you have a standard 3.5 stereo socket, where L stands for Left channel and R stands for Right channel. Ground symbol is shown for completness but it's not connected to anything else.

Hope you'll enjoy this solution, it did function for me!

sorry for my poor english, regards from Rome, Italy!
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