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I just got the W960 & I really love it. Just a few things though, it is a little bulky, but I guess that's okay since it can do so much. However, I wish we could use the VGA 3G camera for photos. And perhaps it could be made possible for portrait photos to be taken.
Also, does anyone know how to change the font colour? When I use the 'walkman' theme, and when I'm in messaging and using the dictionary, I cannot see the alternate word options because they're black. & yes I'm kinda annoyed with the dedicated playback buttons which are disabled at other apps. The lack of the up down left right buttons is a little disturbing but I'm sure I'll get used to it.
Another thing, most phones allow files to be sent via bluetooth, and even if your bluetooth is off, it will switch it on for the file transfer, and then off following that, but in this phone, they will ask you to turn it on and after the transfer, you have to go and switch it off yourself... a little annoying since I've left it on accidentally and my battery dwindled really quickly.

Great review btw!