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Originally Posted by Reda EK View Post
Things I like
* Memory is still low but it's enough to listen to music and browse internet with two windows open at the same time (loaded with heavy pages) without crashing everything. Unfortunately, if I open the camera all open applications close down, so still need to use parsimony with phone's memory. Honestly, I was hoping to be able to browse the web with 3 open windows but I guess I need to buy another phone :-(

Strange - on my EURO-1 (debranded) device, I've encountered no such cases. With Camera running (in passive mode - that is, showing the prev shot), I had 7M free (with an active A2DP + Music Player streaming flawlessly running in the background + CpuMon + Web + OpMini 4 + File Mgr + Podcasting + Wless Keyb). When it's actively taking a picture, the RAM usage increases by about 4M.