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Phone Handset Impressed by the amount of interest! ;-)

Things I like
* Memory is still low but it's enough to listen to music and browse internet with two windows open at the same time (loaded with heavy pages) without crashing everything. Unfortunately, if I open the camera all open applications close down, so still need to use parsimony with phone's memory. Honestly, I was hoping to be able to browse the web with 3 open windows but I guess I need to buy another phone :-(
* Camera is definitively better now (app is faster and it's faster to use). E.g. the working taskbar on the right stays visible all the time instead of hiding away
* Music Player is still not perfect but has improved (finally Nokia sent a senior engineer to shadow the graduate working on the "now playlist" because the usability of the music player is better now). One example, the "home page" shows now playing, music and podcasts. It still missing a lot of things but worth the upgrade at least for me. Launching the music app by pressing longer the multimedia key now works as it should
* The menu layout is more logical now and even if I didn't upgrade I would change the menu to reflect the new layout.

All in all, I think is worth upgrading to this firmware.