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Originally Posted by buster View Post
Let's face it, a lot of the comments posted on AAS by N97 owners seem to be along the lines of "it's not as bad as I expected" which is hardly a glowing recommendation.
Or the reviews are exaggerating problems with the keyboard that actual owners don't seem to be having after a week or so of use?

Personally I'm not having a problem with the N97. I would have preferred a full size keyboard like the one my desktop PC has, but I can understand that you have to compromise The space bar location is simply not a problem for me, took about 30 mins to get comfortable with it. What is more of a problem with the N97 keyboard is the need for symbol shift to access some punctuation and the short key travel. Again, it's a matter of adapting.

As an earlier posted noted, this is an N-series phone, and I'll be using my N97 for texting, web browsing and data entry and the odd long email. Won't be writing any novels on it, so I think the balance of device size weight vs keyboard functionality is good. I couldn't carry an E90 around with me all day, even if it did have the best keyboard.