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Symbian Exposium: Overview of Reporting

We’re going to be covering the Symbian Exposium in lots of detail in the next few weeks. We’ve already posted the time critical announcements, but we’ll be posting features and interviews on interesting technology and software we saw or heard about. This story is intended to give you a brief overview of how we will report the Exposium.

So what is the Symbian Exposium? Put simply it is a developer’s conference and an exhibition rolled into one. A way to get introduced or find out more about the Symbian operating system and the attached ecosystem. It’s not just about learning about Symbian, that is best regarded as the base and glue which holds everything together, but about the whole of the mobile industry around Symbian.

We’ve already posted the big news announcement from the Expo (Symbian 7, OPL, Opera), but in the coming weeks we’ll be putting together information in the following ways… The writing has already started and we hope you enjoy our coverage[list][*]A lighter hearted look in Your Symbian… You can subscribe now at to ensure you dont miss out. [*]Features and interviews about many of the products and services on display at Exposium. Highlights include interviews with Sendo and Opera, reporting on the keynotes, a look round the exhibition hall and more.[*]Some personal comment, after attending the Exposium on what the future hold or other interesting thing we heard or thought about.[*]Comment from around the web. We’ll be looking to point people in the direction of what others have written. If you’ve written something interested or have got a particular point of view let us know what you’ve written or send your comments in![/list:u]

and as you might expect when part of the admin team gets together some very interesting plans for the future have been made....
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