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N8 is not another N97 :)

Originally Posted by WillH View Post
I'm not saying the price isn't good, it certainly is (while keeping a healthy profit margin for Nokia ), but it sure is very close to an iPhone 4 16GB.

I've been waiting for the price to be announced to be able to make a decision on my next phone but my problem comes down to trust.

With Apple, I know I get a good UI, the phone will be fairly feature packed and it will be supported with the latest iOS for at least two years from release. The phone I buy now, in terms of software, will be much better in year.

With Nokia, I'll get a "fine" UI, the phone will be very feature packed, but I have no idea about future support. Maybe Nokia will go nuts with new software features? Heck maybe, just maybe, the N8 will get Symbian^4? Or maybe it will just be minor bug fixes/features? Or perhaps it will be left for dead when Symbian^4 becomes their development focus?

This lack of clarity on future OS improvements (which most people expect thanks to Android and iOS) is a worry. Plus Nokia tend to have their "oops" moments far too often. N95 didn't have enough RAM so an N95 8GB it is! An N97 didn't have nearly enough C: space so a N97 Mini it is! It's hard not to expect the same thing, in some area, with the N8.

Which is why I still haven't decided... but I do want the N8.
I work for Nokia so cannot comment on future plans. However, I can say Nokia is committed to Symbian^3, and of course N8 is not the only product using Symbian^3. The N8 and all Symbian^3 products come with Qt built in, so you can run Qt apps. We have rolled this out to 5th edition too (the Orange Wednesday is a good example).

Those comments you mention for 'oops' moments, we a of course are very aware of and we are not looking to repeat them Symbian^3 has WDP which in day to day use means you have a lot of free RAM.

I genuinely believe people will be generally surprised with the N8 and other Symbian^3 devices. They are lovely devices and the N8 especially is the most amazing camera and video phone I have ever seen!