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Here is a couple of proof that cellular data can also be soft-caped.

1. Three

The word is indonesian meaning:
To subscribe sent to 234 (free, the sms to that number is free)
max speed is 1.8MBps
For soft cap 500 MB rates is Rp. 25,000/month (US$2.8) after reaching softcap speed is down to 64kbps. to subscribe sent MAU<space>500MB to 234, to stop sent STOP<space>500MB
For soft cap 1GB rates is Rp. 35,000/month (US$3.9), after reaching softcap speed is down to 64kbps..

2. XL Axiata
Rp. 150,000 (US$17) /month
after reaching 1GB the speed is down to 64kbps

The other GSM/3G/3.5G in Indonesia, such as Telkomsel, Indosat, Axis also have similiar product. but I think this 2 provider already gives the idea. especially since 3 is a international provider that also operate in Europe and Asia (hongkong, thailand)