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Thanks for the response Steve.. I usually hate to troll through these discussions, but I cant resist..

You simply cannot ditch the processor speed differences and will definitely show when rendering something as simple as a webpage. You notice this already significantly on an N900 between the standard clock of 600Mhz and 1Ghz. The N900 benefits so much from the overclocking that the majority of users have it permanently overclocked to give them benefits in Emulation, video playback to smoother multitasking. That is an absolute major benefit as far as I can see.

Symbian does not show *everything* as you have implied - but only the tasks that show up as foreground apps. You have to use a third party task manager like JBTaskman before you can access the "everything". The other platforms also can get third party task managers to achieve exactly the same things.

You are only speculating that iOS 4 uses more memory than Symbian^3. Even if it does (by a small amount), the doubling of the memory will still have the iphone ahead of N8 in terms of usable memory. This means more information can be loaded in and less storage access - for better looking games with higher resolution textures.

Lastly, the "rot" - how many N97 users out there had OTA'ed their firmware and ended up finding random problems with it? I can remember quite a significant amount of complaints that came through and the people ended up doing a proper cable update (AND cleaning their flash storage as well) to fix things up. Given Nokia's history, that will only repeat itself.

I am starting to sound like a miserable and unsatisified customer now (despite being an N900 + Vivaz + ex-N97/N95/N80 user)... but I really cannot agree with this comparison. I would HIGHLY suggest that you revisit this same review upon the full release of the final hardware of both N8 and Iphone 4G and reassess then. I would be quite happy to be proven wrong if the N8 is indeed Nokia's Jesus phone to save their Smartphone reputation.
Agreed and in relation to the RAM I can't help thinking that the N97 would have been a completely different beast had Nokia doubled it, maybe even a win for the company instead of the ongoing debacle that it is. If there was one lesson they should have taken from the N97 it was that skimping on the hardware has a very small short term cost gain but can result in very long term PR problem. I just hope the low specs on the N8 don't come back to bite them.