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Originally Posted by clonmult View Post
You're comparing apples to oranges.

Android *needs* more memory than Symbian. That Symbian devices can happily work with less ram (ie. N95 with 64mb, N95 8gig with 128mb, 5230/etc with 128mb) is a well known fact, and that the N8 doubling that is definitely plenty.

Nope, Nokia haven't (so far) given major OS updates, but they have added a lot of features - A2DP added to the N73, N86 got face recognition, 5230/5800 got full kinetic scrolling.

Oh, and how can you say the desire is faster than all the other devices when you haven't tried them
Nokia created its own nightmare on the subject of RAM by starving its N97 flagship for this resource. It has become a negative point for Nokia now to defend on the basis of some techie and nebulous argument about the efficiencies of Symbian. Give me a break. The average user could care less and now the headline reads...N8 has half the RAM of the iPhone 4. If the marketing people at Nokia had half a brain with which to consider this self made catch 22...they would have already resigned in self disgust.