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quote:I don't care if it makes a noise or not, but I find it a bit weird that someone might think this is the NUMBER ONE issue when choosing a phone.

it's not my number one issue when choosing a phone. i knew that i could turn it off when i bought it. the firmware update has taken away that ability. therefore the device can no longer do what i want with it. if they had of warned me before i updated it i would probably have bought another e71 and used the silent one for photos while using the updated version for everthing else. it is the lack of info that nokia gives that annoys me most.

quote:Saying that a phone is a "paperweight" and "useless" purely because the camera makes a small noise is pretty strange.

to you it is small. to me it is the most annoying thing. different foks different strokes. you only have to google the issue to see that there are a fair few who feel as i do.

Quote:Erm... you're the only one who's talking about privacy. No one else has mentioned it so far in this thread.

sorry i thought you knew. the reason for the addition of the click is to prevent perverts from taking upskirt photos on public transport. this is suposed to be a big problem in japan and korea. ironically the heavy diesel engines that dublin bus use means it's one of the few locations i can't hear the damn click. :-) was taking a picture of an asshat parked across 2 disabled parking bays if you must know.

quote:If you don't like a law, complain to your local member of parliament, they're the ones who make laws. Tell your MP exactly why you want to have silent cameras so much.

there is no such law in ireland. as far as i can tell its the law in japan, korea and 1-2 european countries. they are looking to introduce it into the us and when that happened nokia seems to have forced out the update. no warning no mention in the change log.

quote:A camera noise is more like a tap that drips once every time you use it.

my bad, what i was implying is a small but very annoying noise.

quote:I'm not sure how that puts you in the same boat as an E70 fan and someone who's interested in Android. Is there a huge market for Android-based gullwing phones with silent cameras?

the implication is that a number of technical people who till now were content with nokia are increasingly dissatisfied with the devices they are putting out. different reasons but same result. no more nokias sold to the 3 of us. it's a pity as nokia makes some of the best hardware. defintely the best batteries and devices with the best battery life.

hope that clears up some of my points. as i said most people don't care but to others it is an incredible annoyance.

at this point even if nokia did a uturn i would be very reluctant to trust them. once bitten twice shy.