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Originally Posted by No name user
In my opinion the games on N-gage are ok in general, and very good for a mobile phone, but the technology used is already a few years old and I hope that they release a next generation N-gage platform
This has already happened. The new wave of N-gage compatible smartphones will be next generation too, they're effectively the N-Gage 2. As well as running N-gage games they'll also have a whole new range of Next Gen games, which will be announced in September.

Here's a graphics demo, the graphics are pretty similar to PlayStation Portable:

Next Generation graphics demo video

Originally Posted by Algernon
And the images of the new devices look nice too. (yes, they are there somewhere)
I don't think the images released are the actual next gen devices. I think they just used existing smartphones in photos to get across the concept of playing N-gage games on "normal" smartphones.

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