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Hi everyone!

I am about to purchase my first Symbian Phone.

Mr. Steve, let me start by telling you that your reviews (and the discovery of your Smartphones Shows) have made me switch to Symbian, having previously using Windows Mobile exclusively.

While I was looking for reviews on the net, having purchased the HTC TyTN which is a very good smartphone, I nonetheless sold it the same day I read Steve's extensive reviews on the E90.

And now, I just cannot wait untill it is released here in the UAE! I am very curious to see how Symbian looks and feels (user friendlyness, customabilty, potential, etc...) as i have been told that it is very straightforward and easy to use.

Can anyone give me some good links, maybe within this website, for Symbian begginers? Untill now all that I have found is somewhat for more advanced users, comparing old versions with the lates S60 one...

Oh yeah, and Steve, about your Smartphones Show, is it periodical? (if yes how often)

Thanks a lot!