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Apps vs sites

In truth, I'm probably just fine with the Facebook mobile site. I don't use Facebook much, and I hate the full version of the site, so the mobile site is about right for me.

But I scrambled (too late, apparently) to grab one of the downloads for this app before it disappeared, thinking that it might (might) do something cool that I couldn't already do. But why? This whole thing brings up two questions:

1) Why are we so focused on apps now? Mobile sites are better and better, and most can even work on the S60 Browser in an N95. The other day I was annoyed when I realized Furtiv's Share Online YouTube plug-in is no longer "available" for the N95, until I realized YouTube's mobile site is at least as good as the Share Online plugin (it's not as integrated with the phone, but at least with YouTube's site you get an upload progress bar). Is it just because the iPhone has so many apps that we've decided we need them too? (IMHO, the iPhone needs so many apps because its built-in ones are mostly lame.)

2) OK, seriously, WHAT IS Nokia's deal with this Facebook app? It's apparently just a WRT app, right? So it should run on most S60 devices shipped in the past 3 years, right? Once it "escaped" the app store, it seems tons of people seem to be able to run it just fine, but they still keep it locked to the E71?