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- Swype to operate on T9

- improve file and folder options for moving and storing files especially photo/video movement options (i could move a photo/vid virtually anywhere on all of my old nokia's - the n8 does not (ridiculous) I don't want everyone to see private ones. the "ALL" folder is OK but you should be able to move items not just add to an album. The only fix i have seen is an external program and then hide the items in another folder which you can only access on a computer ..WT!!!!

- won't mention the browser (everyone else has)

- quick close from an application (eg a "X" in the top corner that automaticall shuts it down rather than the long winded accesssing of the current running tasks and shutting down there

- on another note...better scrutiny of apps in OVI....far too many that don't work or cause problems on your OS. No refund if they don't work is crap!!! Imagine tring that as a business owner. You would go broke.