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Web Link N8 Improvement Requests

N8 Improvements required

I have been the proud owner of the following: N80, N95, N95 8GB over the past 6 years and have just upgraded to the N8 with much anticipation. Every time I have upgraded bar the 95 - 95 8gb I have been wowed with the features and capability of my new phone. The N8 is no different, however the bugs and glitches have always been prevalent and after several firmware upgrades they have come right.

What I would like to know is if there is anyone on this forum that knows how to get the information to nokia's developers as to what I and the rest of the nokia users feel need to be improved on their phone, instead of waiting for an update that does not fix the things that we hope they will or address the pressing issues of the phone.

From my experience of a weeks use I have found the following glitches rather annoying and in desperate need of addressing.

- Either T9 dictionary (predictive text) or a portrait qwerty and integration not a text window that pops up.

- Slide to unlock included

- Notifications on the Face Book app - Why oh why was the most important part of FB left out???

- Soft menu button in home screen as the menu button is in an awkward place when you hold it one handed.

- Better support for mice - with less lag and the possibility of wireless mice to be used (although it really did amaze me that you can plug a mouse in to begin with you may as well make it right if it is included)

- better organizational support in the menus - I found myself putting everything in the root menu and sending things to folders from there, which took ages, there must be a better way (via a pc app possibly?).

- The wifi connects even if a turn it off, this kind of thing annoys me because if i run out of my capped bandwidth and it continues to use my home internet I will end up paying more than if i use my free data bundle from my service provider.

- The taps are rather erratic/ slow to respond I sometimes tap and wait wondering if it has acknowledged my command (did vibrate) and nothing so i tap more and then it might work or sometimes it worked from the first tap but is computing, it is all a but to inconsistent

- The text highlighting feature is appalling for people with big fingers

- More features for the home screen, like the android, where i can dedicate a page to contacts, and a page to calender and a page to photos.

All of these things are just nit-picking and most are not serious problems, however if they were addressed it would make my and hopefully many others n8 experiences that much better.

It should also be noted that the camera is awesome, the mail feature works beautifully, the conversation tab is intuitive and effective. There are so many awesome features this phone has, it just needs some fine tuning.

Thoughts on improvements or contacting nokia anyone else?