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Sorry Stu, but my experience is based on experience, not the bars shown...

The fact it can't always pick up a network in my bedroom makes it worse than my old N95 in that respect... I either get "Emergency Calls only" or "Searching...", so it doesn't even appear to be network specific. If that was the case I'd get Emergency calls only all the time.

Further more, it periodically has signal outage during phone calls. By that, I mean that I can be talking to someone and their voice will periodically drop out, and it will sound like they're not saying every other syllable. Again, that had never been an issue with my N95, and doesn't seem to be specific to any particular area. It just happens during a random selection of phone calls.

I can confirm that the number of bars appears lower, but when the phones call do work, and hav elow level signal, the sound is clearer than on my N95. Its just that a larger percentage of phone calls seem to fail either partially or completely.