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Whats your signal like on the i8510?

Using my T-mobile sim in the i8510, I notice the signal appears much worse than the N95. At first, I was annoyed, but now it seems like it might just give a different scale than have crap reception.

e.g. on my N95 i get full 3G everywhere upstairs. On i8510 it can vary from 5-6 bars down to 1 bar. I thought it was getting a crap signal, but I noticed theres some places where my N95 wont work but I get 1 bar GSM/3G with i8510. Both on T-mobile.

My conclusion is that they both have similar reception in reality, but the i8510 only shows a strong signal if there is a very strong signal, while the N95 is happy to consider less of a signal "full", then drop off to none very quickly.

Anyone else got any thoughts?
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