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Originally Posted by rdcinhou View Post
I operate mine one-handed, typically with my left thumb while doing other things--so in meetings, I can consult email, calendar, etc while not having to stop taking notes (the old-fashioned way--on paper!) unlike the iPhone users who have to stop what they're doing and use BOTH hands with the ever-so-gentle finger flicks to do anything. As a mostly one-handed phone it convenient to use while out walking the dog, in the shopping line, etc.
Don't know about the iPhone, but I find one handed use is also possible with the Desire Z. I often use it while waiting in line as well.

But one useful feature, probably a *MUST* for Finland (the N97's "home") is the hand-warmer feature--no other phone out there has it!! You will never suffer frostbite while using the N97! The whole phone/battery puts out significant warmth while using it.
lol. I thought that the N97's resistive touch screen can be operated while wearing gloves. I live in Vancouver, Canada and the weather does not often get cold enough to make me want to wear gloves or need to warm my hand.