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connection clashes with ethernet card?!?


I've sort of just worked around this for ages, but I was curious to know whether anyone else had had this problem. I haven't managed to find it on the forum already, so here goes:

I usually connect my 9210 to my Win 98 Tosh Portege laptop using IR. This works OK generally (PC Suite is fine with my current setup). However, if I want to move across & convert documents using the usual Windows Explorer drag-&-drop business & the Nokia document format converters, it only works if I don't have my D-Link DE-660 ethernet PC Card adaptor plugged into my laptop. If I do, Windows Explorer just tells me that the phone isn't connected & the attempted connection is timed out, no matter how many times I try to make it work. However, if I shut down & restart my PC & do exactly the same thing without the ethernet card plugged in, it seems perfectly happy. Weird, eh?

So, is it just me, & if not, has anyone found a way to fix this?
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