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Originally Posted by Cozzymike View Post
Hi all,

I have recently purchased a Nokia N95 (from a friend who only had it 3 weeks), which was a huge step up as my last nokia was a 6230. I did have TT6 installed on it but after I updated the firmware to version 20.0.015, then TomTom wouldnt work on it kept saying the Certificate was invalid or something. As i didnt know if the software was genuine i purchased a copy to be on the safe side. Now i am having major problems installing it on the N95. I have spent all day trying with no luck, i have read on other Forums that you have to copy the contents of the supplied Mini SD on to the n95's Micro SD and it should work, not for me, i have downloaded the update from TomTom for the Symbian S60 (relesed in Febuary 07) and still no joy. I am new to all this Smart Phone stuff, please can someone give me an idiots guide to installing, as whatever i do i cant get the App or the File manager to see the TomTom files. I understand that the TomTom wont work with the internal GPS but i have a good Bluetooth device to use instead.

Any help will be very much appreciated, as i can see that some people have had some sucess recently and that there are some very knowlegable people on here..
Since this is a Route 66 thread you may get a better reply from starting thread with TT6 install problem...... but while I am here, try this......

1: Connect your Phone with card installed to your computer and select Mass Storage when prompted.
2: Goto My Computer and click memory card (phone location)
3: Click onto your Tomtom memory now have 2 windows...1 is phone and the other is tomtom card
4: Drag and drop each folder over from your tomtom to your phone one by one, if it asks to replace existing folder select Yes..........I found this the best way to install without errors.
5: safely remove storage device and disconnect phone from data cable.

Once you have done this your phone should automatically install Tomtom and will show up in your applications folder.

Hope that helps...did for me.

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