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"New line" command

Just after I posted my last message Ioana updated my account. So there is no problem any more.

I also found out why the messages sent with HTTP POST didn't work. All my test messages were full length (160). They also contained the "new line" command which is interpreted by your server as "%a", two signs. Therefore the messages were longer than 160 signs and thus not delivered. When I tested this, my hypothesis was confirmed.

Is it possible to fix this problem? I believed it should be something relatively quick and easy to fix.

Talking about signs, the -sign is not supported, apart from that all other relevant signs are supported or interpreted into something understandable. (like into i). Good job!


Originally Posted by drazvan
Leonid, could you please drop an email to, I've asked them to take care of this. I don't know your email, so I can't check this myself.