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Originally Posted by jmvdinis View Post
Why are you people happy with the map change? This maps are really bad!
This is a fantastic move, as the trails people leave when running can then be fed into OpenStreetMap, to enhance the maps further. OpenStreetMap is, as the name implies, the wiki of GPS data, a totally open street map, driven entirely by the community, not a 'we'll let you use it for free, but you have to abide by these conditions, and we could change our mind at any point if you decide to compete with us' google or nokia 'free' product. Open street map is licensed such that the maps will always be available for free. No ads, no crap, no 'benevolant' search or phone giant propped up behind them, just maps, which are getting better all the time. fwiw, the maps have gotten a LOT better lately, and with all the extra data they'll be collecting, expect even further advances. and if it doesn't have your street name right.. Just login and fix it!