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Originally Posted by the_hog_rider
Handydates failed to do its fundamental function, its taken 8-weeks of pestering to get a "beta" fix from Epocware.
I know you've been saying that for weeks, but surely Handy Dates' fundamental function is to record annual events, copying them to the P800's calendar to provide reminders. All of which it does without a hitch.

I'm not saying it doesn't have bugs, but for those new to the P800 that don't know what the actual problem is (there is a problem with synching with Outlook) your comments are somewhat misleading.

We don't all use Outlook you know!

Anyway, had a quick play with Handy Base last night and the good news is that it seems to do exactly what it says on the box. I haven't tested the import\export yet (the missus is decorating the study so my PC s out of bounds at the moment. I knew I should have got a laptop!) but the program itself worked well.

One word of caution, although I don't remember it mentioning any limitations to the trial (other than it only lasting 30 days) it would appear you cannot change the data-type of the database fields in the trial. Now, of course, I could have missed that bit on the website or might just have been using the app incorrectly.

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