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Originally Posted by lalb4 View Post
Recently i'm facing an abnormality of my n70.Whenever i want to make a call,or for an incoming call after 9/10 sec music player autometicaly runs and the call gets cut.Even during a call it happens and some arbitary numbers like 44404/444/00 appears in the screen.I've tried some antiviruses bt no threats,formatted my phone and memry card several time,but zero result. Plz help me.
I cant make or recieve any call.
To go any nokia centre is big time issue.. Plz suggest any short and useful sol.

Bef0re i have exactLy the same pr0bLem as y0u are, but when i d0 this weird thing 0n my ph0ne the pr0bLem didn't 0ccur anym0re! This is what i actuaLLy did . . i detached the metaL pLate (stainLess) 0n my N70's fr0nt casing/h0using and use my ph0ne with0ut that thing, crazy huh? But it w0rks! h0ping that this might s0Lve y0ur pr0bLem t0o.

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