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Operator subsidies? What's the point?

In many countries from Europe and not only, the handset subsidy is very common and many people are more than happy to get a "great deal", by buying a new handset with subscription, or any others apparently great offers, like "unlimited GPRS", etc. Can someone explain what's the point with these offers? Don't you understand that, at the end, you, the consumer, will be the one who will pay the whole price of the package, and much more? Do you really believe that the operators will sell you the phone (e.g. Orange spv) with such a lower price, only because they are nice? And the services they offer, are they really almost for free as they seems to be? So, at the end, what's the point with these subsidies? I ask this, because in Finland, for example, there is no such thing like subsided phones with contract. And if you cannot afford to pay the whole amount of money, there is the small credit system, where you can buy the phone with an initial small amount and the rest with monthly payment in 12 months or so. Is there any difference between this small credit system (where you are not linked to any operator), and the operator subsidies, except that the former is, at the end, more expensive? :cry: