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Originally Posted by nfh View Post

I own a Nokia N81 phone and a SMC router (SMCWBR14G2 model).

I have a wireless network properly configured on the router with WPA/WPA2 (TKIP+AES cipher). I'm actually writing this post while connected with a wireless connection.

For some reason my N81 doesn't connect to the wireless router, although the access point is properly configured. The problem is this: "unable to connect. Invalid wpa pre-shared key" error message.

I already re-entered the pre-shared key a bunch of times, but the problem remains the same.

What could be wrong here? Is the N81 incompatible with this particular router? Or is it something else?
I used to have similar issues with an N80 and Netgear Router.
2 things you could try...

1. Change the router from WPA/PSK to WEP encryption (this worked for me but WEP is less secure!!!)
2. Check you have the latest firmware installed in both the N81 and SMC.
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