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Help with 9210i installation

Help my 9210i memory card stopped being reconised so I decided to reformat it. To do so I decided that I must reformat the device also. So this I have done, it took less and 2 seconds for the format scale to reach the end of the formatting process that was nice an quick. Have gone through start up process City, Time, Date and My Contact details.
Now i'm in a bit of a mess. Let me explain more too you my 9210i is version 5.34. Also my home computer is at the moment broken, this now explain i'll continue.
This is what I have now after reformat and startup details having been entered.
Desk = No Applications (except write a note)
Internet = WWW Application
Office = No Applications
Extras = Imaging and Control Panel icons
So what about all the Apps that are meant to be in rom on the 9210i that I have read about on various sites!. There is not even the File Manager to be seen and the java is'nt loaded yet as one site has said java script needs to be enabled.
No worries I thought i'll go to nokia uk and download the files. Well this I have done for both the All Nokia 9210i data.sis and the File Manager.sis. Then try to install them by using Control Panel>Install/Remove Application. No go as the files could not be seen even when browsing all the folders. So I reboted the device a few times still no found the files. I have also reformatted and re-downloaded from nokia again these files and still can't see the needed files to instal them.
Can someone please tell me...
> Is my device broken
> Am I meant to have more Applications after reformatting the 9210i device
> How can I get the files to install from nokia site so that I can have a fully working 9210i again.
Many thanks in advance for any information and help.