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5800xm Dropping internet via PC Suite Connection

Hi, I am currently using my 5800XM as a 3g modem on my laptop since I get 2gb for free every month from my provider. If I am simply "browsing" the internet, the connection will stay on all day if I let it but, if I start to download something and the speed goes over 150kb/s the connection will die and I will have to re-connect.

below is how I am currently set up:

PC: Windows Vista SP2

5800XM: v 52.0.007.c01.01

Phone mode: PC Suite

Connection setup:

Dial up connection (created with vista NOT using Ovi Suite,
Speed 460.8kbs
Phone Number *99#

PPP Settings -
Enable LCP extensions (Yes)
Enable software compression (yes)
Negotiate multi-link for single-link connections (no)

Internet Protocol Version 6 (yes) - Obtain DNS automatically
Internet Protocol Version 4 (yes) - Obtain IP and DNS automatically
QoS Packet Scheduler (yes)

Modem Configuration:

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic USB Modem (com6)

Maximum speed (bps) 460800

Hardware features

Enable hardware flow control (yes)
Enable modem error control (yes)
Enable modem compression (yes)
Enable modem speaker (yes)

I think thats all the details I can find, if you need anything else to diagnose the problem please let me know.