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Originally Posted by manta
I could not find the actual problem in your post? The combination of PC and phone is a complex setup and sometimes the user may have a configuration that only very few users ever come across such conditions, so it is difficult, if not altogether impossible to test all combinations. If you can be very specific in describing your problem it may help to solve it also. There are many Nokians who follow these forums regularly so please use this as a channel to get your message through.

I think it is implied when I refer to "far too many problems with firware, large MMC support, PC Suite problems", etc, all of which are posts on this site, and most of which I have either started or added to. They are all there for Nokians to see.

Specifically in respect of PC Suite, (which I have not yet had time to post) I have had problems of installation and uninstallation of both old and latest versions. ALso ongoing problem of Connection Manager seeing and not seeing the phone when connected via USB cradle. Problems of being unable to see Contacts on the phone at all.
As far as I am concerned Contacts Editor might just as well not exist. I maintain my contacts on the phone only, and back up the files. But PC Suite is of no value in this respect.

It is still a great phone, but perhaps you should read my last post suggesting that Nokia ignore clamour for yet more features and simply concentrate on making the 9500 as it is work perfectly. That will make a lot of users happy.