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Originally Posted by dukesatan
Oh and tomtom 5 mobile can be found for about 35 including delivery and with an extra's DVD, i know buying them seperatly may at first sound like it should cost more but turned out cheaper. Mainly because the GPS unit i got was cheap ;-) But its functional so all's good there.


BTW there are other ways to get tomtom 5 off ebay, my way was through a download buy via paypal, this was an amazing deal which is why i then later got a seperate GPS unit knowing it worked on the phone, for 5 you can not complaine ;-)
You do know that the copy you have is a pirate one and that your 35 went to some Joe Bloggs making a fast buck? And that if you need an upgrade or other services or support then TomTom won't give you the time of day?