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Tom Tom 5 works

Well just wanted to put an experiance here, baught tom tom 5 and a GP-27 bluetooth GPS receiver off eBay and i can say i'm well amazed at how this bundle works.

The GPS receiver was one of the cheaper kind but has 16 channels, i dont do many miles so i wanted to keep things cheap, as many of you might. A search on ebay will find what i got if you need a GPS unit to.

Now to getting it to work, pair them? um, NO!!!! Pair GPS with PC, hmmm, keycode dont work, wonder if there is none, ah ha, no key code, but the 3230 dont allow none keycode pairing, hmmmmm.

Ok what the hell, start up tomtom 5, activate bluetooth? yes go on silly program, right where in the options is the GPS signal bit, ah found it, whats configure,..... OH, select tomtom GPS or other, ok select other.... wait wait, blue flashing light on GPS receiver stop's flashing and stays on blue... OOOOOOoooooooooo

Ah, phone now says no valid GPS signal found, few minutes later satelite data is being found, i was in doors so not the best place and bingo, we have a lock!!!! NOW the tomtom 5 software really comes to life. I'v not had time to play much with it and at some point i'll pack it all up on bike, plug in my earphones and let it take me for a ride.

The software is quick, very quick and redrawing and 3d view is cool to, so for a cheap navigation system this is a simple and good way to do it. One i'm gonna be using now for i hope a long while :-)