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I was beginning to think the same thing. I posted a while back that I'd got things working by opening up the phone. Unfortunately it was only temporary. I've tried various different firmware versions and reformatting too - the odd time it appears to fix it for a while, but then later it comes back on.

I actually had some software issues as follows:
- MP3 player wouldn't work
- Camcorder wouldn't work
- Couldn't send txt messages
- Memory card not properly recognised
(The applications would just close straight away)

I then thought that maybe it was an issue with software, so I've started installing only 1 app at a time and I reformatted the mem card - one thing - for laziness I'd been restoring my settings when doing a restore. I don't do this anymore, just in case there's something that wasn't right with the previous's better to just restore the contacts and messages and work from there I think...

Here's were I stand at the minute:
- Profimail 2.3
- FExplorer 1.13
- TaskSpy 0.92

And all apps are working. IR light is still on though, so I'm thinking that the crashes I was having are related to an application I was running...

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