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Question Let's work through this...

Originally Posted by virtualsom
Unable to use the IRDA connection. the red led on the phone does not glow when IR is activated.

Currently I have ( expansys ver ).

As stuclark suggested on another thread, i followed the instruction by downgraded the ver to ( 60 - vodaphone) and later upgraded it to (Expansys). Even did the format / reformat .

i am having this phone for 3 months now. Only once my PC was able to detect the IR as a modem ( when the phone was new ) before i upgraded the version to ( 60 ) and newer firmware.

Please let me know if there is way i can resolve this issue .

OK few things here:

The IR light WILL NOT glow when in use. IR is invisible to the human eye. You CAN see if it is active with a CCD camera, such as on a Sony Camcorder or (maybe) another camera phone. Those people on the forum who CAN see the light have a hardware fault with the IR lamps, I think.

You need to try this:
a) First (IMPORTANT) Backup the phone (to PC and Memory card - MMC/SD)
b) Put on 60 firmware. CLEAR the Memory. Try IR - does it work OK?
c) Put on 78 firmware. CLEAR the memory
d) Try IR (DO NOT RESTORE data) - does it work OK?
e) Restore your data. Try IR again - does it work OK?

If (b) is OK, but (d + e) is not, then there is a problem with 78.
If (b + d) is OK, but not (e), then there is flag in the system data that is de-activating IR. I have seen this on some development phones, where data was taken from an X2 (which has no IR) and put onto an X (which does). The flag from X2 was disabling the IR on X. Now, I am assuming there is no way you have got an X2 data file (!) so it may be that a flag is in the firmware somehow (X and X2 firmware is built in same way).

Please check / try these things, so we can see what to do next.



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