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Nokia E63 (Not recognised by USB)

Since continously taking the phone apart to replace numerous speakers and finally got a decent one (genuine)
Now i have put the phone back together and suddenly during use out of the blue the screen fades quickly to blank and the phone switches off.

I thought this could maybe be a firmware issue.
No PC is recognising the phone when i plug it in USB.
Not even device manager sees it.
Although when i plug the USB in it does prompt me for options on the phone such as PC Suite, Mass Storage etc etc..

Ideally i would like a way to try and reflash this thing even if its done through another software other than nokias suite.

Is anyone familiar with this situation or could anyone advise me as a way i could update or reflash the firmware on this?

I know bluetooth is an option but what would i need to do that and is it fast and secure?

I'm wondering if a special software can some how brute force the PC into seeing the phone?

Please let me know.

The phone is Nokia E63 *#0000# tells me: 510.21.010, 28-3-2011, RM-437, NOKIA E63-1 (244.05)

I know you lot are technical so would love it if you could help me!

Thanks guys.