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Unhappy Product Code & Update Help!

Hi guys, i need some help with my N96 i am currently running software version 11.018 the device has been branded by Telstra and i am unable to update to any newer version which really sucks because the device runs slow and is loaded with Telstra garbage. I have changed the product code using NSS from 0574150 to the code found under the battery which is 0566404 upon doing this i have found that it has not changed anything except the Telstra icon has gone from the menu, all the other Telstra stuff is still on there and when trying to update i get the same old message "No updates available" i have also tried a few other codes that i have found while searching the net for answers but still no luck just the same thing. Can someone please help?? have i missed something?? I am in Australia, below is information from the Device Manager:

Software Version

Software Version Date

Custom Version

Custom Version Date

Language Set

Nokia N96-3


Product Code on the Device

Product Code Under Battery

Any help would be greatly appreciated