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Is there a way to turn the red light off while recording movies???

The N93 has been out for a while now and it has never let me down. I have shot many videos that has out performed (by its quality) compared to other smartphones.. The only problem im having now is the bright red LED when recording - you're probably asking me, "why is it bothering you"..

Well heres a story.... i was out watching a live band in a small-ish concert venue (holds at least 500 people) and i was situated about 3 rows from the front... I wanted to start filming and managed to get some good angles and close ups... But at one point (as i was filming) i noticed one of the security men (the marshalls that control the crowed) looking at me and spoke to his mate next to him and pointing in my direction.. I do understand that professional equipment is prohibited in concerts but i thought i would be ok.. Anyway, as soon as the guys both looked at me i quickly transformed the camera back into the phone position and started to pretend that i was speaking to someone on the phone. This happened in a matter of seconds so i dont think the security men knew exactly what i was holding and probably dismissed it as a high powered camcorder...

So... in my honest opinion, i think the red LED was the big give away.. I dont think there is actually any other phones on the market that displays a bright red light to indicate that its recording. Is there a way to turn it off?? i know there is no option to do so but i thought there could be a mod or something??

I could just stick some black tape over the light but its not really practical!

Any comments will be much appreciated, thanks